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Clitoris Elargement
Clitoris Elargement The entire clit pump system consists of a small clear cylinder 15 or 22mm diameter and 80mm long, that attaches via flexible tube to a hand operated vacuum pump which, through powerful suction, pulls blood into the clitoris and the surrounding genital structures. As the clit, the clit hood, and some of the labia become engorged with blood you can see the clit "grow" as it is sucked into the cylinder. The intense tugging sensation is enough to generate an orgasm for some, for others the goal is to produce a clit big enough for penetration, and for others, the thrill is in playing with the swollen and sensitized tissue after the cylinder is removed. The intensity of the sensation is not for everyone. Here are the basics on how to do it:
  1. familiarize yourself with the equipment. Practice using the pump on your thigh and make sure you understand how it works, including the quick release valve.
  2. Prepare the area. The pump works best if the tissue is already warm and has good blood flow. It helps to be turned on, to take a bath or shower first, and to shave any pubic hair that would get in the way of a good seal. 
  3. Use a thick water-based lube. One hat will help create a seal between the flared opening of the cylinder and your skin. Coat your clit and the inside of the tube to prevent chafing.
  4. Get a grip. Hold the cylinder snugly against your skin with one hand and use the other hand to pump. Once the suction has created a seal, you can let go of the cylinder.
  5. Go slowly and treat it experimentally. Start with the valve open to just feel slight sucking. When the valve is closed, each squeeze of the hand pump increases the vacuum pull on the clitoris and surrounding tissue, so pause after each pump to see how it feels. Pain is a sign to stop. Don't expect to fill the entire cylinder. Experiment with releasing all the pressure and then pumping again.
  6. Enjoy the heightened sensations. Stop pumping after a few minutes and enjoy the sensations or let a lover appreciate your fattened clit with her mouth.
  7. Don't over do it. A little pumping goes a long way and over-pumping can desensitize the tissue. If you find yourself numb rather than super sensitive, then you'll know to do it less next time.
  8. Where's the camera? The engorged tissue swelling to fill the clear cylinder will be an amazing shape, color and size, so enjoy the visuals!
  9. Play around. The pump and tube can be detached, leaving the engorged clit still vacuumed up into the cylinder, where it will stay until the seal is broken (usually by pressing the quick release button). Play around with your new mini dick-gently: tug the tube, hold a vibrator against it or, if you've got someone to help out, (or if you are very limber), suck on it.

WARNING: To avoid injury or aggravation of preexisting conditions, vacuum pumps should not be used on rashes, swollen or inflamed areas or skin lacerations. Discontinue use immediately if you experience any pain. If you feel any pain or discomfort stop using the product immediately and consult a physician.

These products are recreational in nature, and are offered as novelty items. The producers, manufacturer and distributors disclaim any responsibility or liability, in connection with the use of these products.

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