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Dr Joel Kaplan Enlargement System
Dr Joel Kaplan Enlargement System
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Dr Joel Kaplan Enlargement System

Perfect for beginner.

This is the same as the Deluxe Hand Pump System without the second cylinder. You can always purchase the second cylinder at a later date as all of our components are compatible. The system includes:

  • Deluxe Hand Pump
  • First Expansion Cylinders
Dr. Joel Kaplan's Penis Enlargement Pump For Penis Size And Erection Strength

Guide to Successful Penis Pumping

Step 1. Warm up the penis

Since there is more blood circulation in the penis when it is warm, it is highly advisable to warm the penis up before a pump session. Not only is it easier to pump up when warm, the heat sends tingles down the penis and feels really good!

There are several ways to heat the penis - one of which I'd recommend simply because it is the least messy of them all! Invest in a microwavable Hot / Cold pack from your local drug store, large enough to wrap around the cylinder. Microwave until warm (not Hot - you'll hurt yourself if Hot) and wrap your penis for several minutes. Enjoy the sensation while you are at it! Your penis will probably thank you for this and become slightly erect from the heat!

Step 2. Jelq / milk the penis before pumping

Jelqing? You might be asking, "Isn't jelqing not related to pumping?" Indeed it is my friends, but this technique has been combined with pumping and practiced for years by pumpers worldwide. Why? Because it works. Welcome to the mixed martial arts of penis enlargement!

Choose your favorite jelqing technique, but if you don't have one, use the standard "milking" set. This will loosen up the penis and get it semi- erect for a fantastic pump session.

To do this, lube your penis. Create a OK sign with your hand and grab the base of your penis, palm facing down. Slowly pull outwards from the base with a slight tension on the penis. As you reach the head of the penis, your glans will swell up. You should be pulling on your penis so you feel a slight stretch until you reach the head. This is one set…repeat.

To achieve the maximum results, repeat this at least 100 times. But if you JUST CAN'T WAIT to get into that tube of yours, no worries! Jelq until you are ready! But try to work on 100 reps prior to pumping. This will get the blood flowing; the suspensory ligament semi worked; and the penile tissues semi stretched; and the penis semi erect and prepped for an effective pump session.

Step 3. Entering the Tube & Securing an Airtight Seal

Connect your handpump to the cylinder. Re- lube your penis (stay away from petroleum based lubes if you have other than silicone gaskets). Also apply a generous amount on your pubic hair. Try not to get lube on your ballsac due to scrotum suck. Now lube to the rim of your cylinder then insert your semi- erect penis.

To get a good seal before you pump, gently twist the cylinder into your groin. This will apply the lube around the groin and rub the lube with the skin and pubic hair.

Once this is done, a couple of presses of the handpump should secure a tight seal. If not, try twisting and pumping the handpump at the same time.

If a seal cannot be achieved, the problem is in the pubic hair. A simplest remedy is to trim most of it off! You do not need to get a shaver or anything, but a short trim of about a ¼ to ½ an inch in length should do the trick!

If this is not an option for you, go with a thicker lube, like hand lotion (with Vitamin E). This should suffice.
Now you are ready to pump!

Step 4. Ready to Start Pumping? Methods & Routines

This might surprise many of you, but pumping in multiple short sets increases the effectiveness of a pump session. Dr Joel Kaplan also understands this principle and has developed a pumping schedule based on it. So for those who are using Dr Joel Kaplan's pumping schedule, use it and then proceed to Step 5!

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, I apologize but I cannot publish Kaplan's instructions online due to copyright laws, but here are some general instructions on a couple of great pumping routines.

Routine: 1 - Results in minimal lymph engorgement

For beginners, do three 15- minute sets with a 1 minute jelq/milking break in between each break. The breaks and jelging are needed to restore a fresh supply of blood in the penis. Also, the jelqing reduces excess lymph in the foreskin (reduces the pumped donut look).

For intermediate pumpers (2 or more months), do more than 3 sets for longer durations up to 30 minutes per set.

In the following sets, I'll describe the feelings one can achieve during pumping along with procedure. I feel it very important to enjoy the experience and to not see pumping as a chore. If you ignore the sensations, you may not experience the way pumping was made to be.

1st set

To start, increase the pressure slowly to a level that feels like a comfortably light suck on your cock. For beginners, this should be less than 3 on the pressure gauge. Hold it there for 2 minutes and concentrate on how your penis feels pleasantly warm the suction feels. Repump to this level if you lose some pressure. After the 2 minute mark, begin playing with the pump jerk technique by briefly pulling the cylinder away from the body using a short gradual tug. Take notice how pump jerking pulsates pressure on your penis and feels much like you're being sucked ~ enjoy this until the 10 minute mark! Now for the last 5 minutes, increase the pressure by 1 to 2. Wow, can you see feel the pressure on your shaft? Reduce pressure if you feel an aching pinching burning feeling to a more comfortable level. Experience all of these great sensations for the remainder of the pump set and when the 15 minutes are up, release the pressure on the handpump and remove you penis from the cylinder. Notice it is feels a little heavier in your hand? Don't be shy, swing it from side to side!

Lube up your penis and milk down your penis for a minute.

2nd set

Follow set 1, but this time, try to increase the overall pressure by around 1 on the pressure gauge if comfortable to do so.

3rd set
Follow set 1, but this time, increase the overall pressure by around 2 on the pressure gauge if comfortable to do so.

Last Step

Finish off the pumping session with the same jelging routine done before you went into the tube before the session.

Routine 2: - Results in maximum lymph engorgement

This routine is based on the Bagmans best tests results as published in his "effective time," article. It was found that this exercise routine produced the best gains possible. I would assume that the increased gains during this routine was due to excess lymphatic fluid in the shaft, due to the lack of massaging during breaks.

This one is easy and the least messy of them all, but expect a donut! You'll see newbies! I will not get into the "feelings" one might achieve during this pump session, but I would like you enjoy them when pumping this routine.

This is exercise takes approximately 1- hour for newbie and intermediate pumpers alike.

Step 1: Pump up to your level and hold for 5 minutes

Step 2: Reduce pressure to 1 on the gauge and hold for 1 minute

Step 3: Go back to Step 1

After you pumped for approximately 1- hour you are done pumping!

Last Step: Finish off the pumping session with the same jelging routine done before you went into the tube before the session.

Penis Enlargement Pump by Dr. Joel Kaplan Inc

The benefits of using this medically approved Dr. Joel Kaplan's Penis Enlargement Pump include: a longer thicker penis,
a more intense ejaculation and orgasm,
reversal of penis shrinkage due to age,
correction of curved penis,
prevention of impotence,
enhancement of self confidence and self esteem
and improvement in sex drive and sex life.

Dr. Joel Kaplan's Penis Enlargement Pump comes with a hand trigger release vacuum pump designed for easy gripping. An air pressure gauge lets you know how much vacuum pressure is being applied. The cylinder is made of medical grade, industrial strength acrylic. Tapered at the top, it compliments the shape of the penis. The connector hose provides easy attachment.

Dr. Joel Kaplan's Penis Enlargement Pump package also contains a leather penis strap to use after every pumping session. Be sure to use a sufficient amount of lubricant, as it causes the skin to have more elasticity, thus enhancing the effect of the product. This might seem a bit complicated, but not to worry, the package provides thorough instructions.

With Dr. Joel Kaplan's Penis Enlargement Pump you can expect to:
Gain 1 to 3 inches in length
Gain 25% in thickness
Increase penis head by 10%
Permanently increase erect and flaccid state
Help correct mild penis curvature
Help cure erectile dysfunction and impotence
Reverse penis shrinkage due to age
Resolve premature ejaculation
Enhance sex life and ejaculation
Build confidence and self- esteem.
More about Dr Joel Kaplan and Erection Therapy

Dr. Joel Kaplan graduated from the University of Chicago and Saybrook Institute in San Francisco, where he received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology and human sexuality. Dr. Kaplan has also been awarded Diplomat status with the American Board of Sexology in Washington DC and is a registered sex researcher and certified sex therapist.

Today Dr. Kaplan is worldwide known as the number one authority and pioneer of erection enhancement therapy. Doctor Kaplan's great discovery occurred as a psychology intern in the early 1990's. As a therapist working with many HIV positive patients who suffered from impotence due to AZT medication, Dr. Kaplan discovered an unusual side effect when patients used the vacuum pump. Patients using a vacuum pump for impotence or ED (Erectile Dysfunction) reported a remarkable and significant increase in the size of their penis. Soon after repeated reports, Dr. Joel Kaplan developed a program that uses the vacuum pump to maximize erection rigidity and size.

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